Yay! Saturday Night is Event Night - Run Rabbit Run

Mericat - Wednesday 14th December, 2022

Yeah... event night is finally back after all the kerfuffle of 0.8 update release. This coming Saturday, the 17th December sees an event we named 'Run Rabbit, Run!'

The premise is simple. Everybody can all enter (although it's not obligatory) and must be ready for a teleport when we shout out in global in-game chat. Each person coming must put aside all earthly chattels (come naked and carrying nothing at all) and we provide all equipment necessary.

It might sound kinky so far, but it's definitely not (unless Dia is there). We get on public voice in the Discord channel (again, recommended strongly, but not obligatory). The good bit? Prizes!

Why not have a go? There's no risk at all, you get your fame points reinstated if you are down after the event, you get teleports to and from the event. All you gotta do is put your stuff away and stand somewhere safe (because that's where you'll teleport back to afterwards). You don't have to be good to play... just willing to have fun.

And the best part of all is that you get to know people in the community and see that they're not so awful after all 😀

Join us this Saturday for 'Run Rabbit Run'... more details provided on the night. Emoti that post in the Discord Event Club channel to let us know you're up for it! <3

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