Welcome to Fully Loaded UK Scum Server

Mericat - Monday 31st October, 2022

Here are the things you need to know!

So! You arrived at our door... well, come on inside. Help yourself to something to eat.

Fully Loaded UK Scum Server has been running since early 2021 and hopes to be around for a lot longer. The server is paid for by donations from players and admined by experienced and committed players.

Here's what we think you need to know...

~ The server is fully PVP, there are NO safe zones. Even the trader zones aren't completely safe (just melee damage only).
~ Players who register in our discord server get access to a welcome pack, get paid to play (in game money, don't get excited) and can use our banking system to withdraw cash from ATMs in game.
~ Raiding is 24/7 and that means you can get raided while you are offline and asleep in your bed. This adds to realism, like... if your house got burgled, that might be while you were asleep or at work.
~ Random respawns cost the least at 100 from your bank account, sector is 500 and shelter is 1g, that's 1 gold. You have to buy gold at the bank to be able to do this. If you go too much overdrawn (2.5 thousand I think... you will permadeath which means a whole new character and all your old stuff may be locked).
~ If you get stuck, either physically under the ground or you need help in another way, you can raise a helpdesk ticket in Discord
~ Saturday night is event night when most of the community comes together on voice and in game to have fun, compete in some silly game and possibly win prizes. Find out more in the Discord.
~ We have missions, quests, treasure hunts and more on an ad-hoc basis.
~ Despite all the death (and there's quite a lot) it's a friendly community and nobody minds being asked questions.
~ The puppets are tough and plentiful, this makes it an especially tough PVP server.
~ Mechs are on and they hurt, but sometimes they're a bad shot - so keep moving!
~ Loot is low, it's also dynamic, meaning it changes a little every so often. Just like life, you'll have some days better than others. It's usually around 1.5x.
~ It's build anywhere, except if you were to block a road, runway, river etc.
~ We don't limit the number of flags you can place, the devs do (one per squad leader) we're hoping this changes in time.
~ Maximum squad size is 8 at intelligence level 5.0.

If there's anything you'd like to know that's not listed here, please just ask. We're happy to have you as part of the Fully Loaded dysfunctional family.