Trader Hubs / Shops are located around the island.

Check out the #server-map ON DISCORD for safezone trading locations. 

Safe Touring Trader Kiosks - For ad-hoc traders to set up and sell / trade their own loot. Please announce location in General Chat Ingame (these areas are totally safe for any human asset to attend, lock up your stash and start trading)

Certain items such as explosives and screwdrivers are only available if created or found in game.

Prices listed are a guide.

Trader/Shop does sell offer components but it will accept them for an price negotiated with the human asset.

All sales are final

Trader buy back scheme Limit the amount of inventory that is unnecessarily hoarded… One mans junk is another treasure - The trader will buy items back at the health % rate of the listed price. Eg. A 100 Dollar item at 50% health will be bought back at 50Dollars. All items rounded to the nearest 10%

The trader/shop will announce ingame when they are in town.