Trade / Services

Player Run Economy

We have a fully player run economy here on Fully Loadedâ„¢. Trade your goods or services with other players using our notice board below and listings on the website and discord.

- Please message players on discord to arrange trade.
- Always use caution and meet in a safe area.


Each player has their own bank account where you can deposit your FL Pound Sterling!

- Money can be earned through trade, completing missions, winning #event-club events, selling vehicles and time in game.
- Check your balance using ?stats command on discord or via your member area.

B2 TECH-01 Self Service Trader

There is a self service trade store located in B2 safe zone which allows you to buy a limited selection of Fully Loadedâ„¢ guns and buy and sell vehicles.

- check the #tech01-self-service-B2 channel on discord.
- ?store command gives you full list of items available.
- In Game cash, cigarettes and puppet ears can be deposited with an admin if they are online and available. Please organise into a bag / box.
- Stay safe! Plan your trip to and from the store.
Notice Board
For Sale Listing