The Missing Stash

Mericat - Wednesday 02nd November, 2022

Airdropped into the island for a new contestant, they were not sure where was the safest place to keep their aquired stash. So they buried it. One evening, they told another contestant, shortly before being killed in what appeared to be an accident involving one of their own socks.

The actual location of the buried stash remains a mystery.

The last audible words uttered from the deceased from behind a stiff muffled sock was "The contours flattened after I collected the stash, inaudible gagging as I walked towards the light, I reminded myself to stay on track, the smell of the lush green leaves and the sound of gravel under foot, I walked south until I could no longer, so I walked North and then forced South yet again… this was the perfect spot.

If I buried it near, I could see in both directions. I made a map and posted it on the website.

The map our mysterious dead guy posted before he died, marking the spot of his stash... it's all happening on Fully Loaded PVP Scum Server