SCUM - THE HORDE 0.9.500.80346

- Thursday 14th December, 2023

THE WAIT IS OVER!!!! 0.95 THE HORDE UPDATE IS OUT!!!!! Check out everything that awaits you on the island in the last major update until 1.0

Note: Due to huge changes, we will unfortunately need to execute a partial wipe on all servers. All of your skills and gold will remain.

To start off we have done a lot of optimizations on both the server and client. You will see an increase in server performance and it allowed us to implement the new features and prepare the groundwork for future additions. This does mean that there were cutbacks on some things though such as puppets and vehicles no longer trigger mines as it ticked the server way too much. Unfortunately one of the features that took a hit are bunkers. Since there were so many of them active all the time we made some changes to them so listen up:

Abandoned bunkers have been reworked.

Now only 2 out of 17 bunkers are active for 24 hours. The rest are inactive and can be activated with the appropriate keycard.
You can find keycards in police stations and in the radiation zone police station that are regulated by the server settings.
Cards found this way only last 24 hours, after you have found a card from this location you can't find a new one as long as the card you've found exists.

If you manage to find a keycard for your bunker, after opening the main door the bunker will be active for 3 hours.

You can also get keycards from sentries and cargo drops that last for 48 hours. Keycards from sentries and cargo drops are not regulated by server settings and they do not count towards max possible number, you can always get them.

As long as the bunker is inactive, there are no puppets and there is no loot inside.

If you log in to a bunker that is inactive, you will be teleported outside without any loot on you.

If you stay in the bunker that is closing (alerted by SFX) you will be teleported outside and you will lose all your gear.

Below you will also find server settings that can adjust all of this for private servers.

A big thing coming in this update is the Codex. We all know that SCUM is a huge game with a lot of features added throughout the Early Access. And we see the increase of new players getting overwhelmed with it all. So after a long time we updated the tutorials.

On your TAB menu, you can now open up the Codex where you can now easily go through everything you need to know to survive and thrive on the island. It will even take into account if you change any keybinds. Speaking of which, keybinding has also been reworked. Before all of the binds were hard coded and changing them did not really work properly. With the rework it now works like a charm AND gives you more options to change your binds. Go nuts!

But that is not all:

At the start, you can choose what level of survival tips you want. For those already familiar with the game feel free to turn it off. Everybody else can adjust it accordingly on how much help they need.

This can be changed in the Options menu as well.

YES! FINALLY! The pickup is back, in all of its 6 seated, now modular glory!

Now called the Rager, it will be familiar to all of you who have been with us for a while now. For those of you who are not, you have something to look forward to. This massive gas guzzler can fit 6 people and so much load in it, that it can open a new streaming meta.

You have asked, we have teased. Now it is finally here! The crafting rework is here! Bringing with it all the biggest QoL additions requested.

From the start, you can see that UI is much more pleasant and intuitive. Starting from the search bar at the top of the list. The ability to choose from items in inventory and vicinity while crafting to categories and favorite options for quick access to most crafted items. Not only that but you have 3 highly important buttons on the bottom as well.

Let's go from left to right.

1) Will give you the materials needed details. This will put you on the screen that used to be on the left. But different.

From here you can see something new here as well. Just like at traders, you can now immediately choose how many you want to craft. That is right, no longer do you have to click for every single arrow. Do you have 10 sticks? Craft 10 arrows immediately.

2) Autocraft. Self-explanatory, this will continue to craft the item for as long as you have the materials to do so.

3) Confirm craft button. When you choose what and how many you want to craft just press that button and do whatever you want while your character crafts it.

To favorite your crafting item on this screen you can see a little star on the top left of the icon.

A big note is we also changed how skill requirement works. As of now all of the items craftable are available to all players. What changes depending on your skill level are the materials needed to craft.
So a character with a higher Survival/Engineering skill (depending on the item) will use fewer resources to craft the same item compared to what a character with lower skill would need.

All that and much more, crafting will now be a much more pleasant experience!

Let's talk about the feature which named the update. The horde. A lot of changes hit puppets and their behavior, all of them making a major impact on the flow of island exploration.

On the island, there are now 3 types of zones everywhere.

  • High threat zone (HTZ) - Encounters with puppets are imminent. Not being careful will all but certainly trigger the horde to come down on you.
  • Medium threat zone (MTZ) - Encounters with puppets are common. Caution is still advised and horde chance is still a big factor.
  • Low threat zone (LTZ) - Encounters with puppets are rare. Chance of a horde is low as well.

So depending on where you are you have a higher chance to trigger the horde.

But what is a horde? Silly question but will answer it anyway my hypothetical imaginary friend. When you enter a POI you will find roaming puppets just as you have before. There is a kicker though, IF you are not careful and silent you will attract the horde. There are 2 ways to trigger a horde:

1) Gunfire, explosions and other loud sounds.
2) A puppet spots you and screams for backup.

When the horde is triggered puppets will come for you from all sides with numbers depending on how many players are in the area.

So you might think ok, no big deal, I will just get inside and wait them out. Nope, not a viable tactic anymore.

Puppets can now vault through windows and bash through doors. Do not say you have not been warned. And yes do not worry, they can not open locked doors and will even ignore BB doors.

And of course, we have added server settings to tweak all of this from horde probability to the number of puppets. Go nuts.

All of this is possible due to our new encounter manager. This great system is managing hordes for now and another spawn which I will let you figure out as a nice surprise. In the future it also allows us to finally add more NPCs as well.

Good news for all of NVIDIA GFX owners as well! We have implemented DLSS 3.5 and NVIDIA Frame generation! So all of you who have your cards that support it, give it a go you should see a massive boost in your framerate and we all know more frames means more gamer points.

Note: there is a current known issue if you are in ALT+TAB menu (when you hold ALT+TAB) and your character is in animation it can cause a crash.

Improvised flamethrower

Hey you! Yes, you! You ever wanted to set something on fire, but it was over there and not here? Well, guess what, now you can! Introducing the flamethrower, yep it throws flame!

As the name suggests you will need to craft it and once you do just add some fuel to this bad boi and go nuts!


Been a while since we released a new firearm but here we go. And not just any but a new DMR!

Chambered in .308 caliber this crisp Belgium made DMR will make short work of any foe at any distance.

PU scope

Something for the history buffs. Up to this point the ZF scope originally made for the Kar98 rifle was compatible with the Mosin Nagant rifle as well. This was more of a placeholder. But now we have a proper scope for the Mosin, PU scope. Now you can deal with any enemy at the gate.

45 ACP suppressor

In the same way, 45 ACP weapons used a 9mm suppressor as a placeholder. Now we do not have to explain to you guys why firing a bigger round through a smaller hole is not really idealistic, or maybe we do. Nonetheless 45 has its own suppressor now.

Firefighter helmet and clothes

We have a flamethrower so we can say you can put fire in firefighting. You still need a proper uniform though. Firstly we have the new item Firefighter helmet

And secondly, we have reworked the work clothes into firefighter uniforms.

  • Fixed the issue where wind did not affect bullet trajectory.
  • Fixed the issue where portable fridges could not take melee damage.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not equip weapons while in Kinglet in SP.
  • Fixed the issue where a locked Kinglet could still be entered.
  • Fixed the issue where some server settings had the wrong description.
  • Fixed the issue where the locked camera was jittery when in the passenger seat.
  • Fixed the issue where the inverted setting for airplane controls would not function.
  • Fixed some wrong descriptions and typos on item descriptions.
  • Fixed the issue where clothing items would sometimes get stuck to characters.
  • Fixed the issue where the Kinglet Duster would not spawn if another vehicle was near.
  • Fixed the issue where fame points sometimes did not affect traders.
  • Fixed the issue where players could steel steer a vehicle while getting out of it.
  • Fixed the issue where the wrong vehicle parts would take damage on collision.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles would keep running after the battery was removed.
  • Fixed the issue where exiting vehicles near BB elements would get the player stuck.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not repair vehicle parts of the vehicle was tilted.
  • Fixed the issue where RPM SFX would sometimes not play correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where the cloud quality setting had no effect.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not place scopes on M249.
  • Fixed some of the icons.
  • Fixed the issues where improvised ropes would use durability when used for crafting.
  • Fixed the issue where destroying BB elements under vehicles would leave vehicles suspended in the air.
  • Fixed the issue where the wash eyes option was shoed on items that cannot be used to wash eyes.
  • Fixed the issue where placing an ingredient into a cooking slot and then putting it in the vicinity would bug cooking out.
  • Fixed the issue where you could build overlapping BB elements.
  • Fixed wrong grip animations on some items.
  • Fixed the issue where EMP grenades had effect in Safe zones.
  • Fixed the issue where uncrafting a bundle of dirty rags would give clean rags.

  • Servers in the server browser will now be colored from red to yellow to green depending on their FPS.
  • Packed items no longer have to be in inventory in order to be unpacked.
  • Brenner will now attack puppets in his path.
  • Fixed the issue where clothes gained durability when damaged in some cases.
  • Power generators audio will be lowered when entering focus mode.
  • Vehicles now take collision damage even without any passengers in them.
  • Increased fueling range on Kinglet Duster.
  • Airplane propeller can now kill puppets.
  • Increased number of usages on Threads and Wires.
  • Improved the reverse action on bikes and bicycles.
  • Vehicle being deleted due to going outside of world bounds is now an error that will appear in the log file.
  • Players involved in vehicle collisions now also take damage.
  • You can now craft nails and bolts.
  • Added more rope options on crafting #20 bow.
  • Reduced Improvised Tool Box usages.
  • Server logs will now display DEV tag next to commands entered by a Dev on a server.
  • Reduced wheelbarrow wobble.
  • Adjusted sizes of some items in inventory.
  • Rebalanced BB health and damage.
  • Reduced noise generation from bows and crossbows.
  • Raincoats are now repairable with duct tape.
  • Car batteries, Electrician tools, Toolboxes, Electrical repair kit no longer loose durability when used.
  • Nerfed exhaustion gain rate.
  • Chests no longer stay active in safe zones.
  • Removed AT4 HEDP and OG-7V ammo from the game.
  • Adjusted some crafting recipes.
  • Flags are no longer destroyed if their owner is deleted (new character) instead they will decay unless overtake is in place.
  • Cutting items into rags, rag strips and animal skins now takes the chopped item durability into account.
  • Server logs will now also contain the number of alive characters and zombies.
  • Animal skin quiver can now be crafted with human skin as well.
  • Added new facial poses for photo mode.
  • Fireworks now properly generate noise towards AI.
  • Weapons will now get destroyed if durability reaches 0.
  • Adjusted FP requirements for some items at traders.
  • Suicide puppets will no longer start their auto-explode timer until they enter combat mode.
  • Adjusted some buy/sell prices.

New settings for Hordes and encounter manager:

  • scum.MaxAllowedCharacters=-1
    -Maximum number of characters allowed to be present in the world (including players)
  • scum.EncounterBaseCharacterAmountMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the base amount of character spawned in a given encounter.
  • scum.EncounterExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the amount of extra character added to the base amount (per player)
  • scum.EncounterExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the amount of players relevant to the encounter where no more extra character are added.
  • scum.EncounterTotalCharactersSpawnedMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the total amount of character spawned in a given encounter.
  • scum.EncounterCharacterRespawnTimeMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the encounter character respawn time.
  • scum.EncounterCharacterRespawnBatchSizeMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the encounter character respawn batch size.
  • scum.EncounterCharacterAggressiveSpawnChanceOverride=-1.000000
    -Override for encounter characters to spawn as already knowing the player's position (for all encounter types).
  • scum.EncounterCharacterAINoiseResponseRadiusMultiplier=1.000000
    -Radius at which AI characters may hear another AI character's noise (e.g. puppet scream).
  • scum.EncounterHordeGroupBaseCharacterAmountMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the base amount of horde group characters spawned in a given encounter.
  • scum.EncounterHordeGroupExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the amount of extra horde group characters added to the base amount, per player.
  • scum.EncounterHordeGroupExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the amount of players relevant to the horde encounter group where no more extra characters are added.
  • scum.EncounterHordeBaseCharacterAmountMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the base amount of horde characters spawned in a given encounter.
  • scum.EncounterHordeExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the amount of extra horde characters added to the base amount, per player.
  • scum.EncounterHordeExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the amount of players relevant to the horde encounter where no more extra characters are added.
  • scum.EncounterHordeActivationChanceMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the chance to activate the horde in a horde encounter.
  • scum.EncounterHordeNoiseCheckCooldownMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the horde activation noise check cooldown time.
  • scum.EncounterHordeSpawnDistanceMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the distance at which horde characters are spawned.
  • scum.EncounterHordeGroupRefillTimeMultiplier=1.000000
    -Multiplier for the time to refill horde group.
  • scum.EncounterCanRemoveLowPriorityCharacters=1
    -If enabled it will remove any inactive puppets or puppets further away from the player in order to spawn in new ones. (only if the limit is being reached)
  • scum.EncounterCanClampCharacterNumWhenOutOfResources=1
    -Can clamp encounter character base amount to min value after going over the limit.
  • scum.PuppetsCanOpenDoors=1
    -puppets can open or close doors
  • scum.PuppetsCanVaultWindows=1
    -puppets can vault through windows

Oher new settings:

  • scum.MaximumTimeForChestsInForbiddenZones=02: 00 :00
    -time that chests can be left in the specific zone
  • scum.MaxAllowedKillboxKeycards=1
    -maximum allowed number of killbox cards it combines the police stations and radiation zone killbox cards
  • scum.MaxAllowedKillboxKeycards_PoliceStation=1
    -maximum number of killbox cards obtainable from police stations
  • scum.MaxAllowedKillboxKeycards_RadiationZone=1
    -maximun number of killbox cards obtainable from radiation zone
  • scum.AbandonedBunkerMaxSimultaneouslyActive=2
    -maximum number of abandoned bunkers active at the same time
  • scum.AbandonedBunkerActiveDurationHours=24.000000
    -duration in hours for activity of the abandoned bunker once it switched from inactive state to active
  • scum.AbandonedBunkerKeyCardActiveDurationHours=2.000000
    -duration in hours for activity of the abandoned bunker that was unlocked with the killbox card

We have also added 2 new DLC for those of you that wish to support the development even further!

Introducing the SCUM dance pack! Whether you want to show off your moves on the dance floor or add insult to injury to your enemies this DLC has you covered. With 7 different dances, you will directly support the development of SCUM and get that extra cosmetic goodie.

Dances included:

  • Floss.
  • Fresh prince.
  • Techno Viking.
  • Tango.
  • The L dance.
  • Swagger.
  • Showtime.

All of the dances will be available on the circular UI menu.

Support SCUM development with our new deluxe cosmetic pack.

In this DLC you will find 16 different hairstyles, 7 beards and 7 moustaches. From the 80s action star to a Napoleonic era gentleman, there will be something for your SCUM dude that will let you express him as you wish.

Styles included:

Hair styles

  • Presidential.
  • Buzz cut.
  • Mullet.
  • Messy long.
  • Messy regular.
  • Undercut.
  • Messy pompadour.
  • The Douché.
  • Dreads.
  • Faux Hawk.
  • The Royale.
  • Mohawk.
  • Long Wick.
  • Man bun.
  • Textured.
  • Slickback.

Moustache styles:

  • Imperial.
  • Motor head.
  • Horse shoe regular.
  • Horse shoe long.
  • Short classic.
  • Thin line.
  • 3 day moustache.

Beard styles:

  • Extended goatee.
  • Verdi.
  • Mutton chops.
  • Warlord.
  • Goatee.
  • 3 day beard.
  • Unshaven.

Note: All styles are available at both the character creation screen and at the barber trader.

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