- Thursday 03rd August, 2023

FEEL THE BURN! 0.9 IS HERE AND IT'S COMING IN HOT! SMOKIN' HOT! Check what we got in store right here, right now!

The big one. New abandoned bunkers are now on the island. And there is a lot to talk about. From new mechanics, layouts, and yes, finally some new enemy AI. So, let's get to it!

The new bunkers are placed instead of some old ones. You can find them in the following sectors:


As you can see, there are many of them so the whole gameplay loop of getting high-end gear will change as well. So, pay close attention to the new mechanics of the bunkers, so you are ready as you can be when it is time to venture in.

The first thing is, you will need to enter the bunker.

There are 2 ways to enter the bunker. You either have that bunkers killbox card, which now serves as that bunkers master card, or through hacking.


Let's explain the new mechanic of hacking. Throughout the new bunkers, if you do not have the appropriate keycard and the door is powered (more on that later), you can attempt to hack your way in through the door. Hold the interaction key on the door and you will see the option. Once you select it, you will be met with this screen:

This will be the panel you are attempting to get through. Now it's time to do some math! Do not worry, we will not require you to know things like the Pythagorean theorem, just simple math.

So if we look at the panel you will see 3 key numbers.

  1. Input
  2. Current output.
  3. Desired output.

You are required to flip the switches with the correlated functions to transform the input number into the required number. On the left side, you will find each switch that corresponds with its pair on the right. The functions on the right are divided into two sections.

The left corresponds to the left output and the right relates to the right one. So you either turn the switch on to enable both or leave it off for both.
Now the way the system calculates it is from top to bottom. So it does not matter which switch you enable first it will always be from top to bottom. Let us look at this one solved.

You can see it solved here, so for this one we had to turn on all of the switches except for the first two. So we got the result like this:

Output 1
Output 2

Once you have the required result do not forget to pull the lever.

There you go, your hacking 101. All you need to do now is practice.

Alright, back to the bunker in general. You made it through the front gate. Congratulations, you're in! Welcome to the abandoned bunker. You will curse us real soon. Once you are in you will find abandoned hallways, powered down doors, and some "locals". Depending on your noise level, there could be more locals or less locals. Let's meet the first one:


Enter new enemy type: Razor. These failed TEC01 experiments have claimed these bunkers as home, and you are the trespasser. Highly aggressive and territorial, you will need to be careful when you step through.

As the TEC01 experiments failed, these creatures know every nook and cranny of those abandoned bunkers. They spend most of their time hidden in the dark areas until they are ready to strike or band together if the danger is deemed extreme. SO either make sure not to wake them, or carry a lot of ammo and a big gun. Other than attacking you with his bladed hands, they are quite fond of picking off their targets one by one by pinning them down.

Don't want to spoil them TOO much so we will end it here.

When you enter the bunker, you will have multiple options. You can start looting around, looking for either loot, fuses (yes, we will get to those) or keycards.

Ok, so we mentioned power and we mentioned fuses. You can already see where this is going. Inside the bunker you will find a generator room. Once you manage to get in, you can find a switchboard.

For the switchboard you need to find the already mentioned fuses. There are multiple types:

  • 200A - Lasts 4 minutes.
  • 400A - Lasts 8 minutes.
  • 600A - Lasts 12 minutes.
  • 800A - Lasts 16 minutes.
  • 1000A - Lasts 20 minutes.

On the right of the switchboard, you will see a chart where each sector is and how much power it drains, so if you put in a 400A fuse and enable sectors B, C, D and G, you are good. But if you go for A, B and E, the fuse will burn out. So please be careful with your fuse management.

With power, you will not only power up the doors, but also light up the sector so you can navigate better and see clearer.

Power off.

Same hallway, power on.

Great! You have power now and are navigating through the bunker, either avoiding or killing Razors. During your journey, you encounter one of these.

Some of the rooms are locked behind new keypads. You can get through only if you have power. Once powered, you will see the keypad with the numbers worn out (max 3 numbers).

The combination has 3 digits, so you need to guess it. The higher your thievery is, the more time you have to guess it. If only 2 are grayed out, whoopie lucky you! That means the combination has a repeating number, for instance 225. If it’s only 1, you better go get your lottery ticket.

Careful though, miss the code and you will wake up everything that does not want to be woken up.

It seems a bit much at first but don't worry, you will get it. Like your life depends on it.

Venture further and you will find level -2 of the bunker. Hope you were quiet, otherwise, the big boy is awake now.

Meet Mr. Brenner, a terrifying creature who is far from being a gentleman despite the "mister" title. He's an unsuccessful experiment that has been enhanced with Phoenix tears and other undisclosed substances, rendering him indestructible. Your only chance of survival is to flee as fast as possible.
Mr. Brenner wields a flamethrower and possesses incredible strength that could easily overpower you.

Doesn't mean you don't have something to gain by fighting it though. He will continue to chase you as long as he knows your position, but deal enough damage to him and you can slow him down, even stun him. Who knows, if you manage to spill some of his blood, someone with a high enough medical skill and "big cojones" can extract some of the phoenix tears from it while it's fresh.

Another thing you might notice that is new is something you can loot of Razors. Let's go over that.

Previously, you could level up all attributes except for one, intelligence. This is now a thing of the past. You can now level up your INT attribute along with some other things.

So, it ties in to the new bunkers. First thing you will need are the upgrade modules.

As you can see there are more of them:

  • Level 1 -> 16 usages.
  • Level 2 -> 8 usages.
  • Level 3 -> 4 usages.
  • Level 4 -> 2 usages.

Usages in this case is not what they come with, but how much they need to be filled.

So, level 1 needs to be filled 16 times before it can be used, and level 4 only 2 times.

Ok, so here it is: inside the new bunkers you will have to find the new BCU module upgrade station. The important thing is that the station needs power to operate, so make sure you have the fuse in the switchboard and power routed to the room.

Once there, you can fill the module for 1 usage.

After the station is used, it has a cooldown of 6 hours.

Once the module is filled, you have 2 options. Install it yourself or have the medical trader do it for you.
Successful install will give you 0.5 towards INT stat.

If you decide to do it yourself I hope you have a high medical skill:

  • No skill - 10% for success.
  • Basic - 20% for success.
  • Medium - 35% for success.
  • Advanced - 50% for success.
  • Advanced+ - 100% for success.

Or visit the medical trader which will give you a 100% success chance for a fee. So now you have an option to raise your INT.

So, why is this important all of a sudden?

Well, because of two new things. The first one is, every time you die by suicide you will loose your INT attribute. So, no more of those cheeky tactics you've been doing until now. There will be more serious consequences.

The second one is that, from now on, the higher your INT is - the faster you will be at leveling up all skills. Fast learner eh. This brings us to another item. Intelligence enhancers can be looted from Razors and you will be able to raise your INT attribute temporarily.

Each ampule signifies a different level of temporary intelligence upgrade. Let's dive in:

  • level 1 ampule -> gives +1 intelligence for 1 hour
  • level 2 ampule -> gives +2 intelligence for 1 hour
  • level 3 ampule -> gives +3 intelligence for 1 hour

You can also use ampules of the same level to increase the buff duration. Each subsequent ampule after the first gives a 50% buff on the buff duration:

  • level 1 ampule + level 1 ampule -> gives +1 intelligence for 1,5 hours
  • level 2 ampule + level 2 ampule -> gives +2 intelligence for 1,5 hours
  • level 3 ampule + level 3 ampule -> gives +3 intelligence for 1,5 hours

Using a higher level ampule while being affected by a lower level ampule overwrites the lower level buff with the higher one.

YES, they are finally here! The revamped models of our male island population have received a complete makeover. With 10 new male models, different beard styles and hairstyles, there is something for everyone. With complete new clothing morphs, male models finally got the love they needed.

Last but definitely not least, we have a new LMG for you. The M249! This 5.56 squad automatic weapon, capable of of laying down suppressive fire at a high cyclic rate is the instrument of war you never knew you needed. Just point in a direction and if you hold the trigger long enough, anything that was remotely a problem is no longer a problem.

We want to take this opportunity to show off our new, purely cosmetic DLC's. Huge props to our art team for making this happen! Check it out below!

Introducing the SCUM Charms pack! This cosmetic DLC will let you make your weapon your own. Slap a charm on your weapon for good luck, or as a stress reliever during those short breaks in the middle of the firefight. Whatever your taste is there will be a charm for you.

Charms available:
  • Anchor
  • Axe
  • Bullet
  • Small bullet
  • Elephant
  • Emoji
  • Tiger
  • Tooth

Weapon charms DLC

Introducing the SCUM weapon skins pack! This cosmetic DLC will let you customize your weapons to better camouflage them so you cannot find them when dropped or to express your personality on them. With 14 patterns to choose from, each of them customizable with different paints, the sky is the limit on how your weapon can look.

Patterns available:
  • Cropat
  • Flecktarn
  • Palm leaf
  • Hex
  • Leopard
  • PeaDot
  • Pixel
  • Erdl
  • Reed
  • Splinter
  • Starburst
  • Stripe
  • Tiger
  • Highlander
  • Classic

Weapon skins DLC

  • Fixed a bug where the "pull grenade pin" action could not be cancelled
  • Fixed not being able to add attachments to weapons on the ground
  • Fixed a bug a where firing a weapon through a scope only gave you sniping skill XP instead of sniping and rifles skill XP
  • Fixed a bug when using a night vision scope, not turning it off, would transfer the night vision to another scope
  • Fixed a bug where the smoking animations would still play even when your hands are tied
  • Fixed a bug where the Lucky Stars cigarettes would have wrong materials applied to them while you were smoking them.
  • Fixed a bug where items would malfunction after being taken in hands while bow is nocked with an arrow
  • Fixed issue with prisoner floating above vehicle hood when walking on it
  • Fixed a bug where sentry's flamethrower was visible only the first time it fired
  • Fixed issue where the double twig door frame recipe showed an incorrect amount of rope for crafting
  • Fixed issue where the flamethrower flames were going through landscape
  • Fixed issue where the age slider would not apply after plastic surgery
  • Fixed a bug where removing a left light door armor from Laika would give you a front right light door armor item
  • Fixed a bug where after the second respawn, the first body would get deleted with the items equipped on that body
  • Fixed a issue where sentries sometimes didn't use some weapons
  • Fixed a bug where the boost of energy buff would stay after you ate activated charcoal and were still digesting any food items
  • Fixed an exploit where you would get experience points for melee weapons and brawling on dead bodies

  • Small zapper no longer requires batteries to work
  • Puppets spawned underground will now have reduced hearing ranges
  • Added visual representation for prisoner burns
  • Reduced battery drain from WW and Laika headlights
  • No experience can be gained if you water a fully watered plant
  • Disabled sentry's flamethrower when sentry is destroyed
  • Reduced inventory size of a single antibiotic pill
  • Removed throwing skill
  • Removed M82 and related items from trader
  • Animal skin quiver can't be crafted with human skin anymore
  • Disabled fire damage in outposts
  • Sentry flamethrowers now damage vehicles
  • Rebalanced XP gain for most skills
  • You can craft improvised burn gel with empty bottles
  • You can now use both the electrical repair kit and the electrician tools to craft battery charges.
  • Modified usage of electrical repair kit/electrician tools for battery charger crafting
  • Lowered the fame point unlock price on all items by 15%
  • Nerfed the decay rate on weapons and their attachments by 20%
  • Reduced the amount of water the "depleted uranium" container will absorb (which increased it's weight)
  • Removed skill gains for ranged weapons when shooting base elements
  • Nerfed bayonet attack damage
  • You will now be able to use watering cans and water buckets in recipes requiring water
  • Reduced the inventory size of weapon ghillies
  • Buffed the immune system suppression rate, making dealing with infectious a bit less tedious


  • Plastic surgery not working as intended (to be fixed ASAP)

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