SCUM - Patch

- Thursday 12th October, 2023

Hey hey everyone, long time no see! Do not worry as the wait was worth it. With the Return of the King(let) and some new stuff this will be a good one. So check it out!

The meme is dead, long live the meme. Where plane? Here plane. Finally, after quite a while, the plane has made its return! It is the good ol' Duster you know and love with a couple of small changes for now. Immediate change that you will notice immediately is the ability to mount m249 on the weapon pylon.

Giving you more ammo and a faster rate of fire gain an edge in dogfights or gunning down those pesky little ants down there. Other than that careful when flying low, as your biplane might become a monoplane.

For now, when a wing is destroyed the plane will decay a lot faster and be destroyed eventually, but soon enough it will be possible to patch it up.

Next up we have something from the TEC01 armory. The EMP grenade.

This future experimental weaponry is a multi-purpose tool that will surely pique your interest. So what does it do exactly? Well once detonated it has different effects on different electronics. It will attempt to fry and discharge all electronic devices in the area. For example you want to throw it on a player who is sneaking around with NVGs? NVG gone.

Want to ambush a vehicle without doing too much damage to it? Kill the battery.

TEC01 technology is a bit different though. Sentries for example will be affected by it where you can temporarily disable them and reset their memory core so they forget that they are in combat mode.

Locked doors however will have no effect as they are protected with a Faraday cage effect. So no, no free killbox loot for you.

Here is another highly requested long-promised feature. We have implemented the ability for server owners to completely customize loot on their servers. You can do it for your own single player games as well! You want to search rocks and maybe find grenades? You can do that. Want to grow watermelons that will give you RPK with ammo? You can do that. Want medical containers to produce beer and whiskey? You can absolutely do that. Highly customizable and a bit complicated our team has prepared a google doc to help you out how to do it. It is a hefty read so take it slow and experiment.

You can find the document HERE

Good luck!

There have been some changes to chests as well. Gone are the days of just drag and drop chests willy-nilly around. With them, gone are the days of abusing them as well. You will now need to carry them yourself. No more laziness.

Another change with the chests, they will now be affected by the environment. Chest underwater? It will take on water damage. Chest getting flamed? Everything burns. So keep that in mind as well.

Another cool change is that headgear is being reworked. not everything do not worry but the headgear with multiple elements on it had to be updated. How what and where exactly? Well easy to explain. For example the motorcycle helmet.

While it used to be a helmet with goggles and a mask attached to it, it is now separated into 3 different slots with 3 different items.

The helmet

The goggles

The mask

Giving you a lot more options to mix and match the look you want. For example, I want the moto mask with pilot sunglasses and a combat helmet, because I can.

You like new clothes right? Well. we like new clothes as well. Something for dudes and something for dudettes here is a clothes drop for everyone.

From 80s action hero gear.

To a nightlife look.

There is something for everyone. We even have some new survivor gear as well. It is a survival game after all.

First, we have new crafted gear: improvised gloves.

And second, but not in the slightest less important. The highly requested item knife sheathe:

Yes, you finally have a holster/sheathe whatever you want to call it for your knife. It even shows it.

Oh and do not worry. This does not mean you have to choose between a pistol holster and a knife sheathe as you can wear both at the same time!

For those of you that have keen eyes, you can also see that the bug where the pistol did not show in the holster has been repaired as well, hooray!!!

There you have it, you have even more tools to make your character however you want.

  • Fixed an issue where Armor Tactical Vests had incorrect trader icons.
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't cut up the pilot jacket.
  • Fixed an issue where small and larger log shed health was not repaired correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with repairing Improvised wardrobe base building element.
  • Fixed an issue when holding SHIFT key would still snap base building foundation element.
  • Fixed an issue where the claymore item didn't have a description.
  • Fixed an issue in single player where upgrading base building elements wouldn't destroy attached elements (i.e. doors on frame upgrade, top section of watch tower on lower section upgrade, etc.).
  • Fixed an issue where using repair at a flag would not work correctly with Improvised Storage Shelf.
  • Fixed an issue when destroying a triangle foundation base building element would destroy a wall or frame that had support from another element.
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to place multiple double doors on the same double door frame.
  • Fixed an issue where the flag overtake custom zone setting didn't have a description.
  • Fixed an issue where chests and wardrobes that were created on base building elements would be destroyed if those base elements got destroyed.
  • Removed the option to buy Laika wheel armor.
  • Fixed an issue where you could search the same rock pile infinitely.
  • Various other base building bug fixes.

  • Majority of base building elements now require less resources.
  • Changed rotation and pivot of N9 knife.
  • Fixed the rotation and pivot of EMpossible knife.
  • Moved "Long Paddle" item from "Fishing category'' to "Misc" at the Fisherman trader.
  • Increased shelf life of all antibiotics and painkiller medicine.
  • Added improved descriptions to all magazines where they show which ammo type they support.
  • Added m249 to events.

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