SCUM - Patch

- Thursday 07th September, 2023

Hello everyone, long time no see! We are back from the summer vacation and we brought some gifts. We are releasing some of the smaller features and some of the bigger fixes as an update so check it out!

You saw it in the trailer and now it is in the game. The cigar will help you reduce your exhaustion and make you look like a 80s action hero while smoking it.

You can either find it or buy it, but beware. Since there is much more tobacco contained in one of these, yes it will be more effective at exhaustion reduction it will also be much more hazardous to your health in the long term.

Something that has been requested before is now here at last. You can now change your characters name after he was created. It will not be for free though so prepare your SCUM card. To change your name you will need to head to the Banker. Then hold interaction key on him and you will see the option to change name.

After that a menu will pop out where you can enter your new name and badabim badabum you are now a new you!

  • Fixed an issue where the "sensor" text on the French version of the game would stretch the 'Door upgrade' UI element.
  • Fixed the issue where the watch text message showed up by the number of players in the vicinity.
  • Razors will no longer mount players outside of bunkers and if the height difference between the player and Razor is too great.
  • Fixed an issue where Isopropyl Alcohol was decaying too fast.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not buy or sell a Navy White color can.
  • Fixed the typo in the description of the 'Apple' item.
  • Fixed the music player UI which didn't show up when it was first turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where the storage container scrollbars wouldn't update properly when opened.
  • Fixed the issue where the hip flask was able to store 1L of liquids.
  • Fixed an issue where releasing the car after pushing it due to reaching 0 stamina would result in a glitched character.
  • Fixed an issue where the crouch stage couldn't be decreased when crouching near a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where you could buy gas from gas station with an expired bank card.
  • Fixed an issue where Anti-burn gels wouldn't be destroyed upon reaching 0 uses.
  • Fixed an issue where Cigarette packs wouldn't be destroyed upon reaching 0 uses.
  • Anti-burn gel will now properly spawn in pharmacies
  • Fixed an issue where the improvised shotgun was unable to reload after being dropped.
  • Fixed an issue where 'Energy Drink Red Ghoul' was decaying too fast.
  • Fixed an issue where you could disinfect wounds with any liquid from an alcohol bottle.
  • Fixed an issue with the Candy Pink color can icon.
  • Fixed an issue where you weren't able to fuel fire with vegetable oil when its poured from a different bottle and where you couldn't fuel fire with resources that are inside vegetable oil bottle but are not vegetable oil.
  • Fixed the issue where the shark attack minigame would not work correctly.

  • Boxer shorts are added to the general goods trader.
  • NVGs and flashlights will now how have flickering effects when battery level gets low.
  • Added sound to improved wooden chest drop action.
  • Added Cyrillic support in the chat font.
  • Added support for the non Latin characters to be used in MOTD.
  • Razors will no longer mount players immediately after landing from a vent.
  • The grapple mini game circle will disappear during release animations.
  • Adjusted Razor player perception time.
  • Leaner characters now have better muscle definition.
  • Garlic now has some anti-biotic properties.
  • Added magic pocket ability where you will no longer loose the item in hands when climbing or doing other interactions.
  • Hacking minigame now requires one screwdriver use.
  • Added a popup that will notify you if the server is not an official server.

  • You can now adjust XP gain multipliers.
  • You can set the cooldown between name changes.

No not a new one but an update on the charms DLC. We originally wanted to implement more charms in the DLC but there were behind the scenes issues that prevented that. Well now we are able to add them in, for the same price!

New charms are:

  • Cut-off finger charm
  • Skull charm
  • Cut-off ear charm
  • Bottle opener charm
  • Angry face charm
  • Sunglasses face charm
  • Happy face charm
  • Fish bowl charm
  • Horseshoe charm
  • Roller skate charm
  • Sword charm
  • Pirate Cat charm
  • Yin Yang charm
  • TEC1 charm
  • Candy Cane charm
  • Evil Eye charm
  • Ogre charm
  • Sentry charm

Another update on a DLC is we have added new paint cans in. The current color roster seemed a bit to similar to each other and we saw there were some paint combinations missing. So there are new colors to choose from.

  • Light Urban
  • Dark Urban
  • Warm Grey
  • Cotton Candy
  • Police Blue
  • Hazy Purple
  • Fire Engine Red
  • Cherry Red
  • Red Chocolate
  • Deep Orange
  • Amber Yellow

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