SCUM - Patch 0.8.520.69315

- Tuesday 20th June, 2023

Happy Tuesday folks! Hope you're ready for an update! Some new content and some key bug fixes await you on the island. Check it out!

With the addition of generators and electricity, it's time we brought the batteries up to speed as well. So batteries have been reworked into the new system. Not only the batteries but electrical devices as well. so let's go through what exactly changed:


Batteries now have different functionality. Well, the intent is the same but the method is different, more realistic. Up to this point, batteries were more or less containers that you used to charge the "invisible internal battery" in devices. Where you were then left with the empty battery in hand. No longer my friends, no longer. As of now, you will have to insert the battery inside the device. How? Simply drag and drop the battery on the desired device and you will get a prompt.

That's it, quick and easy. Now those of you with keen eyes might have noticed another detail in that photo. Got it yet? Batteries no longer have usages! That's right, there is more to this rework. Batteries now actually hold charges and will be drained by the device accordingly. Depending on the device requirements the battery will discharge quicker or slower. So on the same set of batteries, you will be able to power the flashlight longer than NVGs. This change also shows up in the UI, you will get all the info you need when hovering over the item in your inventory menu.

Here you can see how much charge you have left, the state of the battery, the discharge rate and time til empty. Oh wait there is something else in these photos, that's what you were wondering. Got you.

Battery charger

We now have a new item: a battery charger. Ok, technically there are 2.

There is the big one and a small one. But don't worry they work in the same way. The first thing you need is a generator. The second thing you need is the battery charger itself. Then just simply put the battery in the battery charger and voila you are charging your battery.

And again you can hover over the battery to see info such as rate of charge and time until charged. Keep in mind that the blue regular batteries are not chargeable! So it won't even let you place them in the charger.

There you go you now have everything you need to properly use your equipment and devices. Oh, and there is another new thing you will need this knowledge for.

The new scope is now in, and it's a special one. Nicknamed vampyr, this scope not only has variable zoom but also night vision capabilities.

Now I know what you're thinking and no not yet. We need a bit more time to set it so that you can't use regular scopes with NVGs but it is in the works. For now. you have time to prepare for that and get that needed gear.

As promised it is here. You can now plant and grow your own tobacco.

Again if you wonder how to do it pop on over to 0.8 patch notes where farming is explained. Here we will cover what you can do with it. The first one is obvious: you can roll it up and smoke it. At your own peril.

You might even try mixing it with another thing. If you know you know. Again at your own peril.

Or you can sell it to general goods trader for profit. So there you have it, you can have your own toxic farm, tax free!

Or better to say item. You requested it and we are here to deliver. Medic helmet you want, medic helmet you got.

  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't rest in the same bed again after resting in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where clouds would cause flickering through foliage.
  • Fixed the issue where periodically replenishable resources multiplier would not be applied correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where some clothing items would dry too fast.
  • Fixed the issue where improvised grill grid would disappear too fast.
  • Fixed the issue where main menu would sometimes crash.
  • Fixed the bug where the metal detector sound would stay active when you dropped the detector on the ground while active.
  • Fixed the issue where destroyed vehicles would not despawn unless someone was near them for a long time.
  • Resolved the issue where chests would disappear when they shouldn't. Whooorayy!!!
  • Fixed the bug where deers teeth were bulletproof and so they survived headshots. (No really, that was the issue.)
  • Fixed the bug where you could vomit, urinate, and defecate on demand in vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes settings would not apply when resetting them to default.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles could not be bought due to spawn location marked as blocked incorrectly.

  • Arrows and bolts can no longer do damage to vehicles.
  • Modified recipes of all crafted suppressors.
  • Eating crickets and earthworms will now give you food repulsion.
  • Adjusted vehicle parts spawn chance and initial durability.
  • Removed the eerie ambient audio from Samobor city.
  • Open finger gloves will now soak much less water.

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