SCUM - Patch

flscumadminjb - Tuesday 14th February, 2023

And after a Dev update, a game update. Something new, something thematic and something making a return. Check it out!

To start off let's have a look at the number one request. Another vehicle. The dirtbike is now set and ready to return to the island! Now with modular capabilities.

We won't be getting into the details of the dirtbike as you already saw them when first introduced so let's just go through what's new. Naturally as they are modular you will need to find parts before you can get them working again. In case of the bike it's simple: wheels. You will need find a set of wheels to equip on the bike before you can roll it to the gas station or mechanic to fill it up with gas.

Other than that it's the same good ol dirtbike you love, with improved physics of the modular vehicles.

Speaking of gas:

Now how can we be the most realistic survival game out there if we don't make you think about gas prices. I mean that's like the no 1 real life feature for a lot of us these days. Ok but getting serious this is a new feature meant to combat 2 issues we got from your feedback. Gas being readily available and money inflation.

So from now on make sure you have your card ready when hitting the station so you can pay what you use. And watch for those pesky raiders that camp the stations.

Some good news for you Bob the builders. You can now expand the element limit even further with 2 new Expansion kits.

Available at the General goods, and not for cheap, the 25 and 50 options are available. Do keep in mind the maximum you can expand the elements on the flag is for 75 extra. So don't over expend.

So let's talk about something connected to base raiding. Everything in balance. There is one new explosive in the game: TNT.

This new item is powerful and comes with multiple uses. It can be attached to walls like C4 or thrown. In both cases you will need to have a lighter or matches in your inventory. So don't be coming to bug reports saying it doesn't explode. But that's not all, from now on the pipe bomb also has the same functionality. So you might think that makes grenades inferior? Well guess again, grenades can now be attached to walls as well, with ductape.

And let's add some more details to the metabolism. We have foot abrasions but what about them hands? Well now you need to take care of them as well. They work similar to foot abrasions but then again very different. You can get hand abrasions with most actions you do. From crawling, chopping wood or making repairs to rowing or pushing wheelbarrows. So make sure you wear the right gloves for the job. Thick gloves and thin gloves will give you the same amount of protection but the thin gloves will tear faster than thick ones. Gloves that have holes in them will offer no protection.

And of course we know what date it is so we have to have something for the ladies or anyone who feels like one. So make a statement with these new fashion trends.

  • Fixed the bug where sometimes not all elements in flag area would not get repaired when using flag repair.
  • Fixed the issue where wheelbarrows would disappear after death in SP.
  • Fixed the bug where quick access slot would re slot after relog.
  • Fixed the issue where squad members cannot finish the flag blueprints.
  • Fixed the issue where doors would become non interactable after owner leaves the squad.
  • Fixed the bug where admin drones could not interact with some BB elements.
  • Fixed the bug where you could bury weapon racks.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicle doors would miss textures when not attached.
  • Fixed the issue where spawned magazines would sometimes cause a client crash.
  • Fixed the issue where push start option on vehicles was not available.
  • Fixed some caption and description text mistakes.
  • Fixed the issue where BB elements would be owned by a member not a leader when built.
  • Fixed the issue where Cash could not be drag and dropped on inventory item icons.
  • Fixed the issue where in photo mode prisoners would sometimes have a broken pose.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes players standing on top of vehicles would get catapulted.
  • Fixed the bug where adding a 0 charge battery to a vehicle would not display correctly.
  • Fixed the issue where players could enter vehicles through closed doors.
  • Fixed the bug where players with tied hands could interact with vehicles.
  • Fixed the bug where relogging would remove bonds while in air (on respawn).
  • Fixed some of the wrong icons.
  • Fixed the issue where wrong ingredients would get used when crafting an improvised grenade launcher.
  • Fixed the issue where cooked vegetables would stay in your hands forever visually.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not install wheel armor.
  • Fixed the bug where vehicles would have fire effects under water.
  • Fixed the bug where skills would level down if core attributes would fall below the skill threshold.
  • Fixed the bug where vehicles would not decay in water inside safe zones.
  • Fixed the issue where explosive damage would disable fuel bars on boats.
  • Fixed the bug where sometimes BB elements inside flag area would decay as fast as if they were outside of flag area.
  • Fixed the bug where stake pit traps could be placed on BB elements.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not vault over BB stairs and floors.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to stack more than 3 H barrier blocks.
  • Fixed the issue where overtaking a flag would not properly overtake all elements.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not build a lower level door on a higher level wall.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not build modular doors if stairs were behind them.
  • Fixed the bug where players could not place beds, chests and shelters when base building is disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where destroying barbed wire BB element would destroy other elements around it.
  • Fixed the bug where cartridge traps could knock you out in safe zones.
  • Fixed the bug where regular BB walls could sometimes be placed on modular roofs.
  • Fixed the bug where bartenders would greet/say goodbye to players while they are still inside the saloon.
  • Fixed the bug where wheelbarrows would get wobbly after logout.
  • Fixed the issue where interactions on car lift would disappear when moving away and returning.
  • Fixed the bug where ignition sound would not stop playing after starting the vehicle.

  • You can no longer control vehicles while in the process of exiting them.
  • You can now leave vehicles running when exiting by using SHIFT+F combination.
  • Car doors now remain open after entering, prisoners will close them automatically when the car starts moving.
  • Anyone can now remove car jacks unless the car is in an outpost.
  • Reduced the strictness of water depth when driving through with vehicles.
  • Whiskey is back in the item pool.
  • Adjusted the availability of items in trader shops.
  • Removed obsolete CRAP ammo from cartridge trap recipe.
  • Vehicles now turn off when starting to exit a vehicle instead of exit itself.
  • Metal wheelbarrows should now spawn again.
  • Boats should be more stable on low framerates.
  • Adjusted some items weight.
  • Crowbar is now stated as a blunt weapon instead of pierce weapon.

  • Added new setting for fuel prices:


  • Added new setting for Dirtbike spawner:


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