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flscumadminjb - Wednesday 15th March, 2023

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday! You've been patient so let's get to the update!

First of all we have a return of another vehicle, bicycles are back. Both the city bike and the mountain bike.

Adjusted to the modular vehicles model, the bicycles work similarly to motorbikes with an obvious difference. The bicycle engine is you. So get ready, stretch those hamstrings, and pedal away. But don't think you will just be able to go on forever, for another feature was born. A sneaky one.

Accumulated fatigue has started to creep in to all prisoners. So what is it? How does it work? Well curious little friend read on.

To start we will start with MSI which stands for maximum (initial) stamina value. Till now things that influenced MSI were many things like diseases, wounds etc. but now it is also influenced by the accumulated fatigue. We call this MSR or Maximum stamina reduction.

Ok we have those terms nailed down, those will be important.

Accumulated fatigue represents gradual wearing off the character while exposed to strenuous actions. The rate depends on CON attribute.

Accumulated fatigue can be seen as a counter of spent Stamina Units. With a full stamina bar spent MSR will increase by 1 SU.

The accumulated fatigue can never reduce the stamina below RS, or Stamina Reserve.

So how do you rest the fatigue? Well there are a couple of methods:

  • Eating food: Depending on food and food state you will be able to regain some of the MSI.
    The quality of food counts as well, so if the food is so bad that it gives you food repulsion you get nothing.
  • Consuming energy drinks can temporarily remove accumulated fatigue, but it will return once drink effect wears off.
  • Drinking a hot beverage like coffee can recover some SU per hour. Drinking more than 1 per hour will not increase SU gain.
  • Sleeping: will restore 0.2SU per minute game time. Sleeping will only count when sleeping in beds. Resting outside of beds example lying down on the floor will regain some fatigue but at a reduced state. If players log out while lying down in beds(or anywhere it will count as sleeping as well, logging out outside of beds will not count towards resting.

Now counting the sleeping mechanic what happens if you want to logout in the middle of nowhere, without a bed and no time to craft one? Well happy campers that is where this new item comes into play.

Yep you read that right, you can now carry your bed with you!

You can carry it around on your back (uses the same slot as quiver so you can have both your backpack and bedroll on you) and when it's time to rest you just plop it down and rest.

Wait a minute Patch notes guy? What happens if I want to log out with it? Will it disappear?

Well curious friends don't think we haven't thought of that as well. When you want to do that there is a timer that starts after the logout timer ends. When that timer expires the bedroll will disappear with you and will appear again with you. On officials the default is 0 so it disappears immediately with you, but private servers can set that as you want. Be careful with it tho. If someone takes the bedroll in the meanwhile your character will not count towards sleeping state while logged out.

And another important item is here as well. The dial lock. Another way to protect your base, vehicle, chest you name it.

So how does it work? Well it's pretty simple. It is a lock that works on combination of 3 dials. To set it somewhere first you need to take it in your hands and select the set combination action.

After that it will give you an option to set your combination.

Then you just place it on whatever you wish and have a new layer of protection. The person trying to get in will need to guess the combination if he has enough fame points for each wrong guess, and enough health when the lock is combined with zappers.

Some new changes to Samobor as well. We added some new atmospheric effects to bring that apocalyptic feel to it and help with the streaming/optimization options on the city. Here are some pictures but it is best felt live.

  • Fixed the bug where new TNT/Pipe bomb would detonate inside vehicle inventory.
  • Fixed the bug where weapon attachments would disappear on relog.
  • Fixed the bug where backpacks in hands would not fill up when adding items into them.
  • Fixed the bug where you lost fame points when committing suicide while in event.
  • Fixed the bug where arrows in quivers would stay visible when the quiver would be hidden.
  • Fixed the issue where players would be stuck on bikes after relog.
  • Fixed the issue where deleting vehicles on car jacks would cause a crash.
  • Fixed the bug where garden hoes would cause no melee damage.
  • Fixed various sound issues.
  • Fixed the bug where car jacks could stack on top of each other.
  • Fixed the bug where Aim PRO red dot was not spawning.
  • Fixed the bug where wheel armor would change type when installed.
  • Fixed the bug where gloves would rapidly deteriorate when crawling and reloading weapons.
  • Fixed the bug where players could interrupt vehicle entry by running into them mid animation.
  • Fixed the bug where incorrect unmount position would be chosen when running out of stamina during vehicle push.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes you were not able to service dirt bikes on mechanic lifts.
  • Fixed the issue where players would get connection lost error while loading into a server.
  • Fixed the bug where certain items would drop bellow the terrain when base building elements under them would get destroyed

  • All weapons will now be detectable by metal detector.
  • Adjusted item descriptions.
  • Reduced time needed to destroy plants.
  • Adjusted recipe descriptions on some BB elements.
  • Pilot hat will now provide warmth.
  • Adjusted item availability on traders.
  • Chopping fish into fillets and steaks will now produce same durability of the whole fish.
  • Implemented better push start function.
  • Adjusted medical gloves torn gain.
  • More items can now be thrown.
  • Adjusted some item spawn rates.
  • Puppets will now properly hit players in an open mount slot.

  • Added server setting for bicycles:
  • Added server setting for bedroll logout visibility timer in seconds:
  • Added server setting to enable/disable accumulated fatigue:

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