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flscumadminjb - Friday 20th January, 2023

Hello everyone! Hope you all had some happy holidays. But now we are back, with some celebrations of another holiday and some fixes for you all. So wait no further the new update is here.

Welcome to the year of the Rabbit. To celebrate we've added a ton of new items inspired by the Chinese culture. Clothes, weapons we have it all. So get ready to live out your John Woo fantasies.

But we get it, fashion is secondary, lethality is primary. We got you covered there as well with these melee beauties.

You will also find a pair of new locations in Samobor city. After all what is a city without those ol' reliable Chinese shops.

So there you go, happy year of the Rabbit! Make sure to take advantage of the photo mode if you have it and share your celebrations!

  • Fixed the bug where spilling the watering can would show particles on wrong location.
  • Fixed the bug when loading M1887 would make the player slide.
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to use weapons in Laika backseat.
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to use weapons in boats.
  • Fixed the bug where you were not able to mount boats in Single player.
  • Fixed the issue where wrong usage of nails would be taken when crafting barb spike trap.
  • Fixed some of the wrong captions.
  • Fixed the issue where character would not loose stamina in situations where it should.
  • Fixed the issue where you would not gain attributes when pushing vehicles backwards.
  • Fixed the issue where Laika back seats would get destroyed by any explosion.
  • Fixed the issue where suicide puppets would damage vehicles in safe zones.
  • Fixed the issue where you could pick up an armed mine.
  • Fixed the bug where killbox door would keep consuming keycards after unlocked.
  • Fixed the issue where you were not able to enter Laika after lowering them from car lifts.
  • Fixed the bug where a player who squats on top of a vehicle would lag behind from other players perspective.
  • Fixed the issue where AI would not react to vehicle noise.
  • Fixed the bug where focus mode would stay on after opening chat or entering the menu.
  • Fixed the bug where you could not attach a back bumper on Laika.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles would have a jagged motion when raising/lowering them on car lifts.
  • Fixed the issue where triggering mines would launch victims body into the shadow realm.
  • Fixed the issue where locks would drop under wardrobes when removed from the wardrobe.
  • Fixed the issue where camera bobbing was still active when disabled in settings.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicle lights would stay on after the vehicle is destroyed.
  • Fixed the bug where projectile damage was inconsistent on BB elements.
  • Fixed the issue where vehicles on car jacks were not properly saved on server restart.
  • Fixed the issue where progress bar was not visible during force push action.
  • Fixed the issue where you could drive a car without a car battery.
  • Fixed the bug where the backpack in hands would sometimes disappear in Single player.
  • Fixed the issue where clothes would disappear when dropped from vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue where some items would spawn with a wrong offset.
  • Fixed the issue where cutting prisoner limbs would provide animal bones instead of human bones.
  • Fixed sentry database errors in Single player.
  • Fixed the issues with detecting flag area placement and elements near flags in some situations.
  • Fixed the issue where interacting with doors in drone mode would sometimes cause a server crash.
  • Fixed the issue where puppets would jiggle up and down when walking on bumpy surfaces.
  • Fixed the bug where chests would decay faster than maintenance period would show.

  • Adjusted fame unlock price on some items.
  • You can no longer service vehicles while someone is in them.
  • Shortened the interaction range for servicing cars on lifts.
  • BB elements can now be destroyed with Faceroll smasher.
  • Game will now automatically recreate database files if unrecoverable database corruption occurs.
  • Players should now take melee damage when mounted in seats with missing doors.
  • Female characters can no longer equip willy warmers.
  • Repairing ripped clothes will no longer have perfect stiches.
  • Bought car batteries will now have 100% charge when installed by the car mechanic.
  • You can no longer move around while servicing vehicles.
  • The howling emote audio is no longer audible at extreme ranges.
  • Adjusted some item selling prices.
  • You can now use contents of gasoline canisters in upgrading to brick/cement walls.

  • #Set and #ChangeCurrencyBalanceToAllOnline will now properly save account states after being used.
  • Trader unlimited stock value in Economy override file should now also affect vehicle parts.
  • New variable in economy file:

    {"tradeable-code" : "BP_Frag_Grenade", "base-purchase-price" : "-1", "base-sell-price" : "-1", "delta-price" : "-1.0", "can-be-purchased" : "default", "required-famepoints" : "-1"},
    {"tradeable-code" : "BP_Weapon_AK47", "base-purchase-price" : "-1", "base-sell-price" : "-1", "delta-price" : "-1.0", "can-be-purchased" : "default", "required-famepoints" : "-1"}
    The attribute added is "required-famepoints" : "-1" the default is -1 and it will set the fame points requirement to default values, users can change that to what ever number they prefer.

  • VeryEasyLocksLoggingEnabled=0
    It's located in [SCUM] section of serversettings.ini and default is 0, when set to 1 it will enable logging of the rusty (10 seconds world owned) locks.
  • When spawning vehicles via the admin command, spawn type can be set.
    The command goes:
    #SpawnVehicle BPC_WolfsWagen 1 Modifier Full

    With the "full" parameter can be:
    None- default
    WheelsOnly- chassis only with wheels
    MinimalFunctional- Minimum required for a drivable vehicle
    Full- All possible attachments on the car.

  • Buried and automatically activated mines will now be logged in the gameplay.log.
  • Drones can now open vehicle inventory.

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