SCUM - Hotfix 0.9.514.81564

- Wednesday 31st January, 2024

Hey everyone hope you are all good! Let's break the middle of the week with a bit of hotfix. Check it out!

  • Fixed the issue where the camera would be tilted after exiting vehicle in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue where drinking water would sometimes cause a server crash.
  • Fixed the issue where player would remain stuck in falling animation after airplane crash.
  • Fixed some icon issues.
  • Fixed the issue where you would gain Demo skill XP for burying and unburying mines.
  • Fixed the issue where opening vehicle doors would kill the player in some situations.
  • Tweaked vehicle skin pattern textures.
  • Fixed the issue where puppets opening doors would sometimes crash the game in SP.
  • Fixed the issue where opening containers with the F interaction would not highlight which container was opened.
  • Fixed the issue where in some cases consuming food would cause a server crash.
  • Fixed the issue where flag owner would not show up in logs if the flag was destroyed by an admin drone.
  • Fixed the issue where eating or drinking items from containers would freeze up player characters.
  • Potential fix for client crash related to opening containers in vicinity.
  • Fixed wrong grip placements on backpacks.

  • You can now place barbed wire and wooden barricade BB elements on other BB elements.
  • Increased decay time for containers built under water. (such as chests)
  • All explosives that can be placed on BB elements can now cause a chain explosion detonating it all at the same time.
  • Decreased the time it takes admin drones to destroy chests with F interaction.
  • Puppets no longer spawn in with initial aggression towards player. (Hordes still spawn aggressive)
  • Increased jump noise accumulation in abandoned bunkers.
  • Decreased metal pipe spawn rate in Junkyard.

  • Added a new setting scum.SpawnEncountersInThreatZonesIgnoringBaseBuilding=0 which allows puppets to continue to spawn in POIs even though BB is allowed and built there. Puppets still won't spawn in LTZ built bases.

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