SCUM - Hotfix 0.9.511.80646

- Thursday 21st December, 2023

Ooooh, the weather outside is frightful, but another hotfix is
so delightful! And since we've no place to go, check out the bug fixes and QOL additions below!

  • Fixed a bug where prisoner would slide while resting
  • Fixed a bug where prisoner doesn't take damage after ramming a dirtbike into a collision
  • Fixed some areas of the map that didn't have water on them
  • Fixed a random server crash

  • You cannot disassemble the improvised flamethrower anymore
  • Doors will now push vehicles when opened instead of clipping through them and destroying them
  • Explosive arrows without delay will now explode at correct location
  • Implemented collision damage for prisoner driving motorcycles

We are also currently investigating player-reported issues regarding stacking FPS drops, stay tuned for more info!

*A temporary fix which brings the FPS back to normal is logging out then logging back in.

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