SCUM - Hotfix 0.8.522.69551 & SCUM League announcement

- Monday 26th June, 2023

Hello all, happy Monday! What better way to start the week but with a hotfix and an exciting announcement for the SCUM League.

  • Potential fix for streaming issues.

  • Changed weights of Electricity generators.
  • Broadhead arrows do not deal damage to BB elements anymore.

SCUM League

Now with the big scum league news, are you ready to Capture your own bunker?

We are all excited to introduce to you the all-new Scum League Series “DOMINION” a highly immersive and different survival twist in SCUM universe that requires unprecedented survival strategy, teamwork, and unyielding determination. In this thrilling new competition, survival is just the beginning, squads from around the world will engage in fierce battles to survive and establish dominance and control over scum island. Head over to Scumleague to learn more about the competitive series.
In “DOMINION”, the entire island is your playground. The heart of each sector is governed by its TEC1 bunkers. Your mission and the objective for each squad is to capture and hold these bunkers, exerting control over the sectors they anchor. The bunkers are not easy targets. They are guarded by the sentries’ that you will need to destroy to gain physical control over the bunkers vs other squads and players competing for the same. Outwitting these obstacles will require tactical precision, strategic planning, and a hearty dose of courage.
Capture The Bunkers in each sector to earn unique advantages and claim control over the sector under your squad’s name.
In “DOMINION”, teamwork is paramount. Squads must work together, utilizing the strengths of each member to overcome challenges, defeat rival teams, and capture the sectors. The League encourages squads to develop complex strategies, often having to choose between stretching their resources thin to control more sectors or concentrating their strength to fortify and defend their base and a few strategic bunkers.
In the end, the squad that captures and holds the most territories by the end of the competition period reigns supreme. The winners of “DOMINION” are not only the best fighters but the best survivalists, strategists, and the most cohesive unit. For Solo survivors, we have also nice side quests waiting for you.
Head over to for detailed information and competition registration.
Check out event teaser here :

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