SCUM - Hotfix

flscumadminjb - Thursday 22nd December, 2022

And we are back with the hotfix! Some quick fixes before we go get drunk over the holiday weekend.

  • Fixed the issues where cars would get deleted after 2 weeks even if you interacted with them.
  • Fixed the issue where doing shenanigans with vehicle service would cause a client crash.
  • Fixed the issue where force push interactions were not available on wheelbarrows in MP.
  • Fixed the bug where car jacks would not extend when in use.
  • Fixed the bug where doors would not open on cars when serviced on a car lift.
  • Fixed the issue where C4 planted on walls would destroy elements even though BB damage was disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where you could not attach light door armor on Laika vehicle.
  • Shortened the interaction range for servicing cars on lifts.
  • Resolved some issues of fail to enter car error when you should be able to.

  • Adjusted the fame point unlock level for certain items.
  • You can no longer service vehicles with players inside of them.
  • Game will now automatically recreate database files if unrecoverable database corruption occurs.
  • The locked trader category button desaturation now aligns with locked trader item desaturation.

  • Christmas ghost can now be disabled on private servers:
    If it's set to 0 Christmas ghost will be spawning in, if it's set to 1 it will prevent Christmas ghost from spawning in.
    By default this needs to be 0

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