SCUM - Hotfix

flscumadminjb - Friday 02nd December, 2022

We are not done yet. Let's get to fixing.

  • Fixed the issues where gardens can sometimes cause a server crash.
  • Fixed the issue where car lifts would stay elevated when the vehicle on them is sold.
  • Fixed the issue that would cause a client crash when attempting to defuse inside killbox.
  • Fixed the issue where dismount from boats and wheelbarrows was not working correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with the server crash.
  • Fixed the bug where puppets would not have alert noises when alerted.
  • Fixed the bug where refuel and recharge vehicles produced no sounds.
  • Fixed the bug where improvised bed and shelter could not be used as shelter respawn locations.
  • Fixed the issue where locks on cars would disappear.
  • Fixed the issue where boats could not have any fuel interaction.
  • Fixed the bug where re-searching a container with cash or ammo in it, the wrong amount would show.
  • Fixed the issue where combining photo mode and interactions in various ways would leave you in a corrupt state.
  • Fixed the bug where stake pit would actually show bonfire in the required ingredients tab..
  • Fixed the bug where you couldn't write on the blank sign base building element.
  • Fixed the issue where client crashes would be caused by vehicles.

  • Adjusted captions on BB elements.
  • Looting items now awards Fame Points correctly.
  • Removed [Admin] remove lock function as a default interaction option when enabled.
  • Adjusted Depleted Uranium and Uranium Container descriptions.
  • Updated the fame point gain for fishing.
  • Only squad leader can place and overtake a flag.
  • Certain blueprints can now be crafted outside of flag area.
  • Potassium Iodide pills can no longer get irradiated.

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