SCUM - Hotfix

flscumadminjb - Wednesday 30th November, 2022

Was there ever any doubt? Here is what's in the hotfix:

  • Fixed the bug where items stored inside wheelbarrows and boats would disappear on a server restart.
  • Fixed the issue where force unlocking lockers would cause client crash.
  • Fixed the bug where magazines would show incorrect number of ammo inside.
  • Fixed the bug where where you were sometimes not able to restore your bank card when you should.
  • Fixed the issue where removing items from hands while in combat mode would cause a crash.
  • Fixed the bug where it was possible to chop down metal, brick and cement BB elements with a sharp tool instead of a blunt tool.
  • Fixed the wrong audio for destroying brick and cement BB elements.
  • Fixed some of the wrong item descriptions.
  • Fixed the issue where interacting with one garden slot.
  • Possible fix for vehicles not appearing when spawned or naturally spawned on the server
  • Multiple crash fixes.
  • Fix for issue where servers would be stuck in infinite boot up loop.
  • Fixed an bug where you could push the vehicle while on the service lift
  • Fixed a bug where you could repair the analog geiger with a hazmat suit

  • Temporarily disabled plum seeds from trader inventory.
  • Removed the decontamination option from certain items.
  • Chests, fire rings, improvised bed and shelter can now be placed outside flag areas.
  • Spawning vehicles via spawn vehicle command will now display the spawned vehicle's ID.
  • Bank account numbers will no longer generate with less than 12 digits.
  • Removed unnecessary item rotation time of day server setting clamping.
  • You can no longer service a vehicle without a car repair kit.
  • Removed negative fame point achievements.
  • Increased spinach consumption density.
  • Adjusted Geiger counter inventory size.
  • Car batteries now available at mechanic car lift.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The pins for your classic and gold cards were put to the last and last 2 numbers of your steamID respectively.

KNOWN BUGS: Entering a killbox and trying to defuse the killbox door causes a fatal error.

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