SCUM - Holiday update 0.9.510.80616

- Wednesday 20th December, 2023

Hello everyone, us again. We know you can not get enough of our updates so have another one. A lot of fixes, improvements and return of the holiday features check it out and have lovely happy Holidays!

  • Fixed the issue where weapon attachments would disappear if equipped directly from chests.
  • Fixed the issue where glue would loose durability when used for crafting.
  • Fixed the issue where serviced vehicles sometime appeared at random locations around outposts.
  • Fixed the issue where you could place attachments on improvised flamethrower.
  • Fixed the issue where characters made before 0.95 could not be renamed.
  • Fixed some wrong descriptions.
  • Fixed the issue where the incorrect number of elements allowed on flag was shown when inviting a new squad member.
  • Fixed the issue where squad emblems were not visible in drone mode.
  • Fixed the issue where abandoned bunker switch boards would not detect attached fuses properly.
  • Fixed the issue where car batteries bought at traders could not be fully charged.
  • Potential fix for puppets spawning immediately next to players when they should not.
  • Fixed the issue where expiration time on keycards in chests would sometimes be incorrect.

  • Improved the ragdoll effect on puppet hit.
  • Added Christmas tree recipe.
  • Enabled Christmas ornaments.
  • Increased gunpowder usage when crafting Improvised mines.
  • Removed coffee cup from recipes requiring cans.
  • Regular puppets will no longer spawn on locations when a horde is activated.
  • Suicide puppets will no longer immediately received forced stimuli to player location on horde activation.
  • Adjusted damage calculations for vehicle collisions.
  • Added new Christmas present packages.
  • Buffed melee damage dealt to puppets.

  • Added server setting disable timed gifts to disable Christmas presents.
  • Setting_EncounterGlobalZoneCooldownMultiplier
    After the encounter ends it starts global cooldown until the the new encounter can appear in that zone. If it happens in the MTZ encounter and cooldown is set, that cooldown is not influencing HTZ and LTZ. This multiplier is added to based number.

    In most cases base values are like this:

    • HTZ - 300.00 - 600.00
    • MTZ - 0.00 - 0.00
    • LTZ - 0.00 - 0.00

As is tradition, make sure you have Christmas tree up in your base or else Santa will not come along to leave presents.

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