SCUM - Holiday patch

flscumadminjb - Wednesday 21st December, 2022

Hey hey all, you thought we forgot about this holiday season? Think again friends, santa is here and he has presents.

Let's start with the news you want to hear the most right now. Update with vehicles. So the first one is the flashiest one. You wanted more vehicles, we said we will bring them out so here comes the Laika!

Another legendary vehicle is now ready to drop on the island. Another modular vehicle, you will need to put some effort before you drive around in this legend. Some say that it is the only true all-terrain vehicle that can run on anger itself.

That is not all that we have for vehicles. Hearing your issues you had with some of the vehicle spawns and accidents we implemented a couple of more functions for vehicle interactions.

As you can see now you have more options for those tricky situations where you were drunk driving and got your vehicle stuck on a ridge somewhere.

You can also push the vehicles backwards as well. We know, groundbreaking stuff.

We are changing some stuff around the traders as well. First of all we have redesigned the trader UI a bit so it is more clear about your payment options and item selection.

But there is also a function behind it as well. You might've noticed 2 little locks in the navbar of that screenshot. It is a part of the fame point trading redesign. The Fame point spending did not work as well as we planned and it showed by your feedback. So we have put a new system in place. Instead of spending fame points as just another form of currency, items will now be locked behind a fame point level. The idea is that the Traders will not trade with some unknown player they cannot trust. So you will still need to save your Fame points and be carful what you do on the island that you don't loose them.

Do keep in mind this is the first iteration of this new system, more balancing and fleshing out will come as well.

We added some more changes!!! C4 got it's first wave of rework or better to say and addition to the functionality of it.

You can now plant C4 on BB elements. Now this is done with a reason. It showed that with the C4 on the ground system it was easily exploitable with some shenanigan Base Building and a lot of the intended elements would stay still. Now you can plant C4 on the elements and make sure you have a breaching hole once detonated and can raid with assurance. You can still plant the C4 on the ground for ambushes and clearing people out of buildings if you want to so don't worry.

Also this is the first version of it and will be adjusted according to yall feedback.

  • Fixed the bug where Herbicide would not spawn.
  • Fixed the bug related with naming Chests.
  • Fixed the bug where weapon scope would become transparent when entering the photo mode while ADS.
  • Fixed the bug where there was wrong physical material on garden box.
  • Fixed the bug related with writing on blank sign element.
  • Fixed the issue with database performance that would impact partial wipes. ( no we are not doing a wipe some private servers had issues, relax)
  • Fixed the issue where cargo drop notification would show wrong information.
  • Fixed the issue where platers looting from cargo drop directly into vehicles could cause a crash.
  • Fixed the issue where the passengers in boats would showcase dominance through T-pose.
  • Fixed the bug where you could accelerate the boats twice as fast by pressing multiple keys at once like you were the main character in Fast franchise.
  • Possible fix for disappearing items after game restart.
  • Fixed the bug where the steering wheel would not turn when steering the vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where the Wolfswagen engine was not visible.
  • Fixed the issue where it was possible to re-attach vehicle parts when removing them without a car jack.
  • Fixed the bug where NPC traders would say their voice lines when players are outside of their zone.
  • Fixed the bug where Wheelbarrows would not decay properly when destroyed.
  • Fixed the issue where non functional vehicles would still spawn on a server where the setting forbids them, aka only functional vehicles can spawn.
  • Fixed the bug where projectiles could not damage some BB elements.
  • Fixed the bug where gravel bags found in the world would have a fixed one usage.
  • Fixed the bug where vehicles would turn off when other players are nearby.
  • Fixed the bug where vehicles would not activate mines.

  • Nerfed the strength of brakes on the Wolfswagen.
  • Tweaked gear ratios and gear shift on the Wolfswagen.
  • Added weapon parts category with the armorer.
  • Adjusted hazmat suit effect on lockpicking minigame.
  • Adjusted Fame point gain for selling items.

Again don't forget to have a Christmas tree set up in your base when Christmas comes around or Santa will not visit you.

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