SCUM game support announcement.

- Friday 14th July, 2023

Hello everyone, happy Friday. We have some news for you all!

What is this, an announcement on a Friday? Yep!

During the years of our journey together we have always strived to be connected to our community as much as possible. And it worked, when we were a small team with a small active community. Happily so we both grew, both you and us as a team. This however started to show some cracks in the wall as it became increasingly harder to keep up with some of the feedback, questions etc, and who of us answered them. So we are happy to announce SCUM support ticketing system which you can find here:

SCUM Game support

What does this mean exactly? Well it allows us to organize ourselves more efficiently with most types of community interactions. From ban appeals, reports to feedback.

Do not worry though, it will still be the same faces that are talking to you and we will still continue to lurk and interact with you on all of our channels. But for some things we will use the support system.

Things you can report at the support page:

  • Ban appeal.
  • Bug report.
  • Chat report.
  • Cheater report.
  • Crash report.
  • Feedback.
  • Server issues (for server owners).
  • Server violations report.
  • Technical support.

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