SCUM - Encounter manager server settings

- Tuesday 19th December, 2023

Hey hey everyone, as promised here are the settings explained in more detail for all of you that want to experiment or fine tune the new system for yourself. Enjoy!

  • Setting_MaxAllowedCharacters:
    Maximum number of alive characters on the server. Takes into account players, mechs, animals etc. Only the encounter manager entities are currently taken into account, and HTZ are excluded.
    If number is below 0 it goes to default value 128.
  • Setting_EncounterBaseCharacterAmountMultiplier:
    Takes into account the base value of entities to be spawned on encounter trigger (ex. entering POI). The set value multiplies the base value. Current base values for puppets are:
    • HTZ - 4 minimum - 5 maximum
    • MTZ - 2 minimum - 3 maximum
    • LTZ - 1 minimum - 2 maximum

    Actual entities spawned will be a value between (multiplier * min base value) and (multiplier * max base value)

  • Setting_EncounterExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier:
    Affects the base value of the characters in the encounter, it depends on the amount of players located in the encounter area.

    Base number (3 - 4) + (number of players - 1) * number of extra entities per player (1) * multiplier
    If there is 4 players in the HTZ area it would look like this:
    Between 3 or 4 + (4 -1) * (1 * 2(multiplier))
    The number of puppets would end being 10

  • Setting_EncounterExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier:
    Sets the maximum cap on players taken into account. Example: Setting is set to 5. From 5 players on the numbers of puppets will remain the same.
  • Setting_EncounterCharacterRespawnTimeMultiplier:
    Sets the time needed between entity respawn:

    Formula goes:
    Base value * multiplier

    Base value:

    • HTZ - From 0 to 0.5sec
    • MTZ - From 60 to 120 sec
    • LTZ - From 60 to 120 sec
  • Setting_EncounterCharacterRespawnBatchSizeMultiplier:
    Sets the size of respawn waves for entities:

    Formula goes
    Batch size * Multiplier

    Batch size:

    • HTZ - 0
    • MTZ - From 1 to 2 entities per wave.
    • LTZ - From 1 to 2 entities per wave.

    note: For some of you that want to set the POI to be clear once cleared till everyone leaves the POI try setting this to 0.

  • Setting_EncounterCharacterAggressiveSpawnChanceOverride:
    Sets chance to spawn an immediate aggressive entity which will attack the player:

    Value is expressed in percentage and goes from 0-100

  • Setting_EncounterCharacterAINoiseResponseRadiusMultiplier:
    Sets distance between the alerted entity (ex. screaming puppet) and other entities that can hear it. In other words the distance that the alerted entity be able to alert others.,

    Formula goes:
    Base radius*multiplier

    • HTZ - 20 meters
    • MTZ - 20 meters
    • LTZ - 30 meters
  • Setting_EncounterHordeGroupBaseCharacterAmountMultiplier:
    Sets the size of a horde wave. Other words how many extra puppets there will be spawned at any single time once the horde is triggered until max size of the horde is reached.
  • Setting_EncounterHordeGroupExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier:
    Same as Setting_EncounterExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier, but for horde wave size
  • Setting_EncounterHordeGroupExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier:
    Same as Setting_EncounterExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier, but for horde wave size
  • Setting_EncounterHordeBaseCharacterAmountMultiplier:
    Total horde size. Sets the maximum amount of puppets in a horde.
  • Setting_EncounterHordeExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier:
    Same as Setting_EncounterExtraCharacterPerPlayerMultiplier, but for total horde size.
  • Setting_EncounterHordeExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier:
    Same as Setting_EncounterExtraCharacterPlayerCapMultiplier, but for total horde size.
  • Setting_EncounterHordeActivationChanceMultiplier:
    Each action has it's own percentage chance to activate a horde ex. firearms, fireworks etc. This sets the multiplier that will either reduce or increase those chances.
  • Setting_EncounterHordeNoiseCheckCooldownMultiplier:
    Sets multiplier on how often the encounter manager checks for trigger (this case noise) to activate the encounter.

    Formula goes
    base value * multiplier.

    Base value is set in seconds and is different for each location type.

  • Setting_EncounterHordeSpawnDistanceMultiplier:
    Multiplier that sets how far from the player normal puppets will start spawning (name is a bit misleading will be changed).

    Formula goes
    Base value * multiplier

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