SCUM - Development update #73

- Monday 22nd January, 2024

Hello everyone! Let us help you get through this doomy and gloomy Monday with another
Dev update! Check out what the team has been up to this last week

  • Bug-fixing
  • Development of tools for soft surface artists
  • Reworking spawn locations for the encounter manager
  • UI tweaks

  • Bug-fixing
  • Level design optimizations

  • Light tweaking for the entire Island
  • UI tweaking
  • Various concept art
  • Script development for the 1.0 trailer (!!!)
  • Vehicle damage morphs
  • Further work on various new animations (including some new puppet animations)
  • New items (more info soon)

  • Bug-fixing
  • Dirtbike SFX tweaking
  • Inventory SFX tweaking
  • Search SFX tweaking

  • Community
  • Player insights surveys
  • Hunting and banning cheaters
  • Steam general discussion and bug reports
  • Testing of upcoming features
  • Various bug reports

  • Bug-fixing
  • Player feedback collection
  • Revising new additions to the CODEX

P.S. We've heard your feedback and would to inform you that the team is working hard on fixing the most pressing issues! Thank you for your patience, a fix is coming soon!

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