SCUM - Development update #47

flscumadminjb - Monday 27th March, 2023

Happy Monday prisoners! We have some dev update for you and some news from the SCUM League! Check it out!

  • Entity system upgrade.
  • Working on the loot rework.
  • Working on the cooking rework.
  • Code review.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on server settings.
  • Working on the sentry rework.
  • Finished the hunting rework prototype.
  • Working on the electricity and gas system.
  • Working on the BCU lock.
  • Working on the smoking feature.

  • Reworking loot spawners.
  • Setting up UE blueprints for the abandoned city POI.
  • Working on the culture palace building.
  • Working on the abandoned city platforms.
  • Finished the police station building.

  • Working on the new trailer.
  • Texturing the new male models.
  • Working on new UI elements.
  • Working on the new cooking items.
  • Adjusting the tractor to modular vehicles system.
  • Adjusting the clothing to the new male models.
  • Working on SKS animations.

  • Resolving the post mix audio issues.
  • Working on the new sentry sound design.
  • Hunting rework audio.
  • Adjusting Samobor ambience audio.

  • Hunting and banning cheaters.
  • Ban appeals.
  • Steam general discussion and bug reports.
  • Performance benchmarking and optimization testing.
  • Testing of upcoming features.
  • Various bug reports.

  • Working on new features game design documents.
  • Setting up new descriptions and spawners.

And… Scum League gets an awesome new Branch

Prisoners, survivalists, and adrenaline junkies alike, you asked for it, and we made it happen! Based on your suggestions and popular request for a faster, shorter and more challenging competitive branch of the League. It's time to gear up for the most intense, heart-pounding all-new branch of the League – The “Scum League Blitzkrieg” We're excited to announce this thrilling new competition that will push your survival skills to the limit and offer a truly unforgettable Fair-Play experience.

The Challenge: Scum League Blitzkrieg will bring together the fiercest competitors from around the world, all dying for the prestigious title of Scum League Champion. Participants will be dropped into the unforgiving world of Scum Island, where they'll need to outwit, outlast, and outplay their opponents while battling zombie hordes, cunning adversaries, and deadly threats around every corner.

The Prizes: The stakes are high, and the rewards are even higher! While SL:Season 2 is a long enduring challenge, Scum League Blitzkrieg is a much shorter and ROUNDS-based competition; each round will have one winner and the title of Scum League Champion. Do you think you got what it takes? Head over to reserve your slot. Terms & Conditions apply.

While we don't have an official Trailer for SL:Blitz branch, You can check out the community creations and take on the Blitz by DrGrant and WorldUK.
Good luck Prisoners!

DrGrant : YouTube - Official Scum League BlitzKrieg Edition

WorldUK: YouTube - Scum League Blitzkrieg Edition!

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