SCUM - Development update #38

flscumadminjb - Monday 23rd January, 2023

Hey hey everyone, happy Monday! First dev update of this year but it won't be the last. So let's get it.

  • Refactoring entity autosave system.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on the crash folder utility.
  • Preparing the groundwork for new localizations.
  • Working on the new anti-cheat.
  • Working on new admin commands.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on new AI navigation system.
  • Refactoring the weathermask component.
  • Even more bugfixing.

  • Working on new documentation.
  • Created the new Chinese shops.
  • Working on the new clinic building.
  • Working on the new post office building.
  • Working on the new hospital buildings.
  • Finishing the indoor pool building.
  • Working on amusement park LODs.

  • Working on the locomotion of the new male characters.
  • Finished the new clothing items.
  • Finished the new melee weapons.
  • Working on new NPC animations.
  • Working on the new handgun model.

  • Preparing the groundwork for future recordings.

  • Hunting and banning cheaters.
  • Ban appeals.
  • Steam general discussion and bug reports.
  • Performance benchmarking and optimization testing.
  • Testing of upcoming features.
  • Various bug reports.

  • Working on new features research.

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