SCUM - Development update #37

flscumadminjb - Monday 19th December, 2022

Long time no see friends! You though these were gone but we are back. I promise it is purely coincidental that they are back just as the world cup ended. I promise.

  • Resolving physics issues with the vehicles.
  • Resolving issues with server crashes.
  • HUD optimizations.
  • Bugfixing.
  • Working on trader UI improvements.
  • Forking on new FP trader system.
  • Resolving issues with wheelbarrows.
  • Working on new server settings.
  • More bugfixing,
  • Even more bugfixing.

  • Working on the new POI.
  • Working on the new procedural buildings system.
  • Working on the new POI hotel building.
  • Working on the new POI park location.
  • Working on the new POI pool.
  • Working on the new POI fire station.
  • Bugfixing.

  • Working on new male models.
  • Preparing groundwork for new animations.
  • Preparing groundwork for locomotion.
  • Optimizing textures.
  • Designing new trader UI.
  • Finishing seeds icons.
  • Working on new vehicle parts.
  • Reworking locomotion for male models.
  • Working on smoking animations.

  • Working on sound fixes.

  • Hunting and banning cheaters.
  • Ban appeals.
  • Steam general discussion and bug reports.
  • Performance benchmarking and optimization testing.
  • Testing of upcoming features.
  • Various bug reports.

  • Preparing feature designs for a weekly update.

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