Saturday Event... Fully Loaded Scum UK Server Invasion

Mericat - Wednesday 09th November, 2022

It's with the utmost seriousness that we - the admins of the server known as 'Fully Loaded' UK Scum Server - write to you today. We have received a tip-off that this Saturday, well... the shit is going to hit the fan.

TEC-01 has indicated that the island is to be sanitised. By sanitised they mean cleared of both puppet and human assets. Intelligence has indicated that this purge will be undertaken by a few specially-trained black ops personnel with access to the kind of equipment we'd kill for.

As we're left with no choice, this will be your task. Find those operatives and kill them, before they kill you. The victors will of course have first dibs on the equipment these mercenaries are carrying. If there is no victor, they win and that is unthinkable.

More information will be relayed to you as we receive it, including their likely infiltration point. Our advice to you is to prepare: clean your weapons, get some decent ammo and prepare for your last stand.

There will be a teleport set up to the area once it is known. This not a come naked event, come geared. People who wish to stay home can do so without immediate danger, although we cannot guarantee what the coming days will bring.

Tool up and (wo)man up. We cannot allow them to eradicate us from our prison, it's the only life we have.

It has been an honour serving time with you. May your god look down on you with benevolence.