Saturday Event - Black Market Scum

Mericat - Wednesday 16th November, 2022

News just in... one of Fully Loaded Scum Server's supply routes has hit an unexpected problem and the four Scummers involved may be stranded.

Prisoners on the island are said to be "perplexed" and "mystified" by the news, as they had no idea there were supply routes in and out of the island. Sources have indicated that one of these black market crews, known locally as 'squads', are in possession of a great deal of valuable, top-tier merchandise of a military nature and have fallen from the radar.

It is possible they have met with trouble en-route and require assistance, or perhaps they have intentionally gone dark on comms, intending to keep the supplies for themselves.

Either way, the admins of Fully Loaded UK Scum server have announced a server-wide 'search and retrieve' event for this squad of four and the supplies they were carrying. It will take place this Saturday, 9.30 pm (UK time) for all volunteers.

It is thought possible that the squad in question have taken refuge in a highly-guarded military area, but confirmation on location is not yet possible.

The Gazette will keep you fully updated on the day.