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Here lies Archie Grim - a sad Scum tale

Mericat - Saturday 04th February, 2023
The very first time I set eyes on Archie Grim, I had no idea what he'd come to mean to me. People don't often like to hear about the love between two men, but he was my best friend and I'm not ashamed of admitting it. He was just arrived here on this god-forsaken island, […]

Yay! Saturday Night is Event Night - Run Rabbit Run

Mericat - Wednesday 14th December, 2022
Yeah... event night is finally back after all the kerfuffle of 0.8 update release. This coming Saturday, the 17th December sees an event we named 'Run Rabbit, Run!' The premise is simple. Everybody can all enter (although it's not obligatory) and must be ready for a teleport when we shout out in global in-game chat. […]

It's a Fully Loaded Scum Christmas!

Mericat - Monday 05th December, 2022
Reports of Santa's sleigh have been made in Fully Loaded's UK PVP Scum server... have you seen anything?

Scum 0.8 - When, what and everything!

Mericat - Tuesday 29th November, 2022
Here's a round up of what we know you can expect from Scum's 0.8 release which we feel strongly will happen today! 29th November.

Fully Loaded PVP Server - Speakeasy Event

Mericat - Tuesday 22nd November, 2022
I was wandrin' as I'm like to do and I found a Speakeasy, just planted in't middle o' nowhere. I'm heading back soon, ya coming?

Saturday Event - Black Market Scum

Mericat - Wednesday 16th November, 2022
News just in... one of Fully Loaded Scum Server's supply routes has hit an unexpected problem and the four Scummers involved may be stranded. Prisoners on the island are said to be "perplexed" and "mystified" by the news, as they had no idea there were supply routes in and out of the island. Sources have […]

Saturday Event... Fully Loaded Scum UK Server Invasion

Mericat - Wednesday 09th November, 2022
News has reached our ears of an impending attack on the inmates of Fully Loaded's UK Scum Server. Read for more information.

The Missing Stash

Mericat - Wednesday 02nd November, 2022
Airdropped into the island for a new contestant, they were not sure where was the safest place to keep their aquired stash. So they buried it. One evening, they told another contestant, shortly before being killed in what appeared to be an accident involving one of their own socks. The actual location of the buried […]

Fully Loaded Horoscopes for November 2022

Mericat - Tuesday 01st November, 2022
PISCES It’s all very well dreaming about the fantastic base you want to build, or watching the birds for migration patterns Pisces, but we both know you’re lacking motivation to actually go and do some looting and put locks on your things… … and you’re still here. Go! Go now! ARIES Just a quiet word […]

Welcome to Fully Loaded UK Scum Server

Mericat - Monday 31st October, 2022
Here are the things you need to know! So! You arrived at our door... well, come on inside. Help yourself to something to eat. Fully Loaded UK Scum Server has been running since early 2021 and hopes to be around for a lot longer. The server is paid for by donations from players and admined […]

FRom The devs

SCUM - Development update #78

- Monday 26th February, 2024
Hello everyone! Hope you are all good. As is every week, the team has been working hard. What exactly on, you can check out here! Memory optimizations. Raid protection system. Resolving server crash issues. Movement rework. Adjusting weapons for new NPCs. Bugfixing. Rager armor parts. Vehicle panel functionality. Implementing quest UI. Optimizing shaders. Tweaking POIs. […]

SCUM - Development update #77

- Monday 19th February, 2024
Hello everyone! Looks like another Monday, which we all know means another dev update. Check out what the crew has been up to the past week. Working on the weather controller. Working on prisoner movement. Bugfixing. Working on quests system. Encounter manager improvements. Reworking weapons. (preparation for new NPCs) UI backend. Working on telemetry. Tweaking […]

SCUM - Development update #76

- Monday 12th February, 2024
Hello everyone! Happy Monday! As is tradition, we are back with another Dev update. More polishing, bugfixing and starting the groundwork for some of the long awaited features. Check it out! Bugfixing. Code review. Working on weather controller. Encounter manager improvements. Reworking weapons. (preparation for new NPCs) Working on telemetry. Bugfixing. Tweaking encounter zones. Shader […]

SCUM - Hotfix 0.9.517.81845

- Thursday 08th February, 2024
Hey everyone we are releasing a small hotfix regarding Base Building being restricted around hunting towers. This was an issue and is fixed in the hotfix so update your game all! Source link

SCUM - Hotfix 0.9.516.81787

- Tuesday 06th February, 2024
Hey hey everyone. Guess what? Yep it is time for another hotfix! A bit rebalancing, with a dash of fixes, a nice light meal on a Tuesday afternoon. [/hr] Fixed the issue where it was still possible to build on lighthouse and windmill POIs. Fixed the issue where joining an event would spam audio to […]
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