*IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT* - New server setting

- Wednesday 24th January, 2024

Hello everyone!

We're releasing a long-awaited hotfix TOMORROW, but we have a different announcement for you TODAY.
In the hotfix, we'll release a new server setting that disables placing locks on garage doors and after the update is applied, all locks previously placed on garage doors will disappear.

This setting was created due to current exploiting issues on official servers and the abuse of inavailability to lockpick on PVE servers.

The server setting takes effect only after server restart, so official servers will still have it enabled until the first server restart. You have time until then to save your locks or lose them.

In order for you to keep your hard-earned locks on official servers, please take them off the garage doors and place them somewhere safe.
I REPEAT, please take off the locks from the garage doors and place them somewhere safe!

The server setting is located in Server settings -> World -> Map

NOTE: Private servers should have the new server setting ON by default, so their locks won't disappear.

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