Fully Loaded PVP Server - Speakeasy Event

Mericat - Tuesday 22nd November, 2022

I heard round these parts ain't easy to find no place to just chill your bones, but lucky for me, yest'day, I saw something looks promisin'.

Found me a speakeasy bar, ain't easy to get in mind you, c'ain't be carrying no weapons, no nothing, 'cept some money. I ain't shittin' you when I say they made me go in that place buck naked... as the day I was born.

Some mean lookin' guy guarding the place with a gun in his hand too. I were mighty careful o'what I said, I can tell ya's.

Was whiskey-a-plenty to wet your whistle and oooo-eeeee, the ladies there were somethin' else. Damn fine titties! Damn fine!

Seems like there were something else on offer, but to find out what, I woulda had to hand over 100 of yer Scum dollars to them dancing girls. Sounded like fightin' to me. Lots of grunts and shoutin'. Has me wondrin if there's some kind of competition, fisticuffs... bare-knuckle kinda thing?

Imma gonna head on back there on Sat'day. Bout half past the ninth hour, how 'bout you join me and we find out what's crackin' off at that dive?

(Once more in the Queen's English??? 9.30pm UK time, Saturday, Fully Loaded Scum Server Event, teleports provided, FP restored, bring 100 scum dollars and nothing else. Anybody wearing any item of clothing or holding a weapon will be shot on sight. Do not, DO NOT, come to the event carrying anything at all. If you respawn during the event with a machete and clothes, spawn random, get rid of them before coming back to the event. I thank 'ee. To get access, you must tip the 'girls' 100 scum dollars at the beginning. You can carry it in your hand when teleporting.)