Fully Loaded Horoscopes for November 2022

Mericat - Tuesday 01st November, 2022


It’s all very well dreaming about the fantastic base you want to build, or watching the birds for migration patterns Pisces, but we both know you’re lacking motivation to actually go and do some looting and put locks on your things…

… and you’re still here. Go! Go now!


Just a quiet word Aries, do you know what a quiet word is? Fact is, even though you talk sense sometimes, it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff when you’re doing it so much – and while your squad-mates are trying to listen for the enemy. Take a deep breath, in fact, take a few.


Hey Taurus! Been fishing lately? It might be a good idea. You don’t take enough time out of the day-to-day grind sometimes to chill the fuck out. It's not even the good kind of grinding. Make this month the month, have some sex or something.


Gems, stop trying to charm the natives and wake up to the fact this isn’t ‘SCUM’S GOT TALENT’. Well, it kinda is, yes, but the way you get the fame is through doing stuff, like killing people. Let’s give that a try.


Something or someone’s been bugging you lately Cancer, but you’re far too nice to say so. The bad news is, it won’t get any better while you’re smoothing it over with your wit and ‘no, no, you first’ attitude. Grab a big gun, a really big gun, and speak your mind. Pronto.


Hey RAWRness… Let’s talk about you. Or, let’s not for a change. No, seriously, you’re the life and soul of any party, you’re the centre around which people rally and sometimes you get tired. Take time for you, while still keeping up your fun levels, ok?


You’re a perfectionist, we know that, but it’s not always necessary. Who cares if that wall lines up exactly? Who cares if you set that mech off again when you’ve been perfecting your route for weeks now? You do, yes I know. But nobody else cares, so chill dude.


Your love of peace and harmony means you’re easy company and probably everybody in the squad’s favourite for a nice chat and a cup of tea. However, Libra, this is not Mumsnet. The whole point of Scum is insanity and imbalance and you are just going to have to dive in and embrace it more this month, or risk getting left behind.


Everybody’s a little scared of you, huh? No reason for them to be, you’re a sweetheart – mostly.  Fact is, you’re intense and that can be a bit tough on people around you. Maybe when you feel that way you could go on a solo trip around the map and enjoy some ‘me’ time?


Hooooooooooooolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Hey fun boy/girl. How’s it going with you this month?  If you feel like a little contemplative time, that’s okay, don’t give in to outside pressure to be the life and soul. It’s okay to get stuck into a building project and ignore people.


It might be time to stop visiting the trader for items you could easily forage for, Cappers. Funds may get tight some time soon and you never know when you will actually need that cash. Save it for a rainy day and go out and make your own sunshine.


You need to concentrate on a work/play balance more. All work and no play makes you a dull boy/girl and that isn’t allowed. Go have some fun and enjoy the company of other players. You might have a stroke of luck around mid-month!